Sunday, 23 August 2020

Bits and Pieces

We're still not getting out much at the moment with one thing and another (including a plaster disaster in the house, which has set back our renovations!) so this is just a bit of a mixed post. We did escape for a day to Southport, somewhere we've never been, the dull weather kept most folks away at first so when it got busy as the sun came out we headed home! I saw my only Gatekeeper of the year there and we watched a Sparrowhawk get mobbed by some House Martins, it had one in it's claws!

There were plenty of young Gulls to test my ID skills with at some point.

This one I know is a Black-headed




I'm not sure what this flock is Dunlin maybe?

In the woods there have been quite a few young birds, Woodpigeons, Chiffchaff, Magpies, Robins and the Collared Doves have done well. 

Ladybird Larvae 

Great-spotted Woodpecker


Young Magpie

Young Robin

Speckled Wood

Peacock Butterfly Caterpillars

At home we still haven't mowed the front lawn and the Ragwort has been full of Cinnabar Moth caterpillars, they are making short work of the plants. The Goldfinch and Sparrows have also been hanging in the Ragwort too. The Sparrows have had a lot of late or second broods as some have still been feeding young, the Buddleia outside the window is full of Sparrows all day long. Mostly we've just left the garden to the bugs and birds this year, my husband thinks it's a bit scruffy but just today whilst I was cleaning out the bird bath a lady stopped to tell me that she loves watching all the birds in the garden when she walks past, that made me quite happy! Though I think we are going to try and get a sign for next year saying it's a no mow lawn!

House Sparrows


Swallowtail Moth

At the back the Starling flocks have quietened down and we're just getting a few each day. All the usual Tits are around and we're getting the migrating Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers passing through the garden as we usually do at this time of year. We've had male and female Blackcaps too. The Squirrels have been burying nuts all over the gardens and on an evening we've had up to 6 Hedgehogs, a new garden record, i'm so pleased they seem to be doing so well on our little patch. 

I watched this spider wrap up the fly


Long-tailed Tit

Young Greenfinch

Sleepy Squirrel


We've had a few Butterflies, not as many as usual but the weather has been a bit dull and damp and when it has been sunny i've been at work. 


Small Tortoiseshell

Meadow Brown 


This Small Tortoiseshell spent a good half hour or so chasing this Peacock around

Red Admiral

Small White 

The end is in sight with the diy now so hopefully towards the end of next month we can get out properly! 


  1. You have obviously been having a great time, Pam, and observing much. Subadult gulls are a challenged for even the most experienced birder, but it is always fun to try to separate the age classes, knowing that one is going to get some wrong. As for the No Mow Lawn idea, I think that is quite wonderful. You have proven that wildlife benefits greatly from this approach, and perhaps more people could be encouraged to follow suit once it becomes established practice. Bravo to you for pioneering the idea.

    1. Yes I like to give the Gulls a go and no doubt get them all wrong! We've really enjoyed the front garden even more than usual with leaving the lawn, it really does make a difference!

  2. Hope the plaster disaster is all solved...sounds like hard work is going on. Totally enjoyed all your photos...I like the no mow lawn idea it really would bring in more insects for birds, and the hedge they tear up the ground at all I've never read up on them. Have a great week Pam.

    1. It is finally, the end might just be in sight!! Thank you, no the Hedgehogs don't, they just leave a lot of poop about but they're not doing so great in the UK so I can happily put up with a the poop! I hope you've had a good weekend!

  3. Wonderful photos of all the wildlife you have seen both in Southport and in your garden. Lovely to have the hedgehogs visit and the migrating birds pass through. You've had lots of butterlies too, yesterday in our garden I counted over a dozen tortoiseshells on the verbena at the same time - a lovely sight. Hope your disaster with plaster is soon sorted:)

    1. Thanks Rosie :) Fantastic that you had so many Tortoiseshells i've just planted Verbena this year so far it's a hit with the bees!

  4. A lovely post and photos Pam - you may not have been out much but you have been attracting a lot of wildlife to your garden. Our garden looks much untidier this year as well! OH has even stopped fussing about all the Cat's Ear in the lawn! Lovely to have to cinnabar moth caterpillars and so many butterflies when its sunny. I am useless at gull id - all those juvenile plumages :( Hope you sort out your plaster problem soon and can get the renovations completed.

    1. Thanks Caroline. The garden has been a bit of a lifesaver this year really! Untidy gardens could catch on do you think?! I try with the Gulls, I'm quite sure I get most of them wrong.

      The house is finally coming together, plastering sorted but there's still a little way to go!