Sunday, 11 October 2020

October Already!

I'm not sure what happened to September, it's been a mad flurry of painting, flooring and finishing! I've been able to unpack all my books onto my new shelves (with my nature books taking up the top shelf and spreading to the 2nd!) and can finally sit down in my spare time. This also means I'll be able to venture out again!

Today we headed to Collingham to try and spot a Hoopoe that has made it's home around the cricket pitch over the past couple of weeks - it wasn't difficult to find, we could spot the ring of birders/photographers from the road with the bird putting on quite a show in the middle, it doesn't seem too bothered by people. We stood at the back and watched a while as it ate a lot and stretched a couple of times showing off it's crest. It's a life bird for me and the first time one has been recorded in Leeds in 40 years. 

We had a quick walk in Beck Wood nearby afterwoods, it has a picnic area by the river Wharfe and then a path follows the beck around by the houses - it reminded me our local woods and even had Nuthatch!

Of course my garden wildlife is going strong and we've added a new species to the list with a Common Frog. Not in our little pond but hiding in a mossy gap in the wall nearby, I accidentally disturbed it when I was tidying up the ivy - luckily I'm always careful as it's full of bugs and I don't like to cut too much! I didn't get a photo but it's enough to know there's at least one around!

One of our Hedgehog brought two youngsters into the garden, the first time we've been able to say for sure they had babies, no doubting it with the size of them, they have been feeding up nicely for winter. At one point we were getting 6 in the garden at dusk now we're seeing 2 or 3. 

The Goldfinch have been feeding young right into September and are now gathering in charms every day, we've had up to 27 at once, which is a record. A Greenfinch has snuck in with them on the feeders a few times too. We've had Chiffchaff and Willow Warblers passing through, they fly with the Tit flocks and always seem to pull up short in confusion at the feeders! Coal Tits have also given us a new record with 5 appearing together a few times but recently they seem to spend more time chasing each other off. 


Chiffchaff - not easy to photograph, they never stay still!

Some of the many Goldfinch

One of the squirrels discovered the window feeder and sits at it like it's at a breakfast bar! They have been burying nuts everywhere including all the plant pots and even in the ivy at the side of the gate.

We've had a few visits to the Woods finally seeing a Nuthatch last month, I thought they had abandoned the place after not seeing one since December.  This past week or so there has been a lot of Fungi appearing.

A sugar water feeder by the bird screen

I saw lots of these on the nettles, i'm not quite sure what they are Ladybird larvae maybe?




I'm on the look out now for Redwings, especially on my way to work, the local park is always home to a doesn't seem that long ago I was watching for Swifts though.......


  1. I am sure that the Hoopoe caused quite a stir. I have seen it many times but never in Britain. hedgehogs in the garden is pretty nice too!

    1. It did, it even made the national newspapers, though Sunday was the last time it was seen. I'm really pleased about the Hedgehogs nationally they aren't doing great, so it's good to know they seem to be doing well in my little spot.

  2. Hoopoe pictures are as interesting for the look at horde of birders with very fancy cameras and equipment as the bird itself. Glad you get the chance to see the Hoopoe and a photo to remember the event.
    Looking through your pictures I was wondering about the photo of the sugar-water feeder covered in bees. Is it designed to feed bees or birds? In souther California sugar-water feeders are for hummingbirds or orioles. The bees keep the birds from using the feeders.
    Also, love your bookcases - great wall color! Corrine Harvey

    1. Yes, the amount of equipment is quite amazing, i'm just happy to get my little record shots and watch the bird for a while!

      The feeder is for the bees, we don't have birds here that go for sugar water (although it would be amazing to have Hummingbirds, I would love to see one!) bees aren't doing so well in general as well as planting flowers for them the local woods are trying out the feeders too.

      Thanks, i've always wanted the blue and the shelves, my husband built them :)

  3. Love the new bookcase and the room looks super. It is great when you can have all your books in one place.

    Well done on the Hoopoe - I would love to see one. Beautiful birds.

    Good news about the hedehog youngsters and a frog appearing :) There are a lot of hawthorn berries near our caravan and I have started to look for Redwings too :)

    1. Thanks Caroline - though I have to admit that isn't all my books, I still have three bookcases and a few boxes in the spare room :0

      Aren't they! I was glad I got the chance :) I'm so pleased with the garden, it's not big but it does so well for wildlife! Oh yes that sounds like a perfect spot, I think I saw my first today, 3 separate flocks as I walked to work, they were a bit high up but i'm pretty sure I heard their calls!

  4. Your room make over a great success it's lovely I like the color!! The Hooptie is so exotic, never seen one, very happy for your sighting. Im glad you were able to get out there and enjoy the woods...LOVE the little hedgehogs adorable! Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Sondra, i've wanted this colour for years! Isn't it, we don't have many birds like that in the UK so definitely worth going to see. I'm so chuffed with 'my' hedgehogs, it's good to see them doing well :)

  5. Room looks great, super set of photos too. We are still getting our Hedgehog in and the birds are returning back to the garden after their summer brake.
    Great to see you got the Hoopoe, amazing to think we have a bird like that in our area.
    Stay safe Amanda xx

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad you're still getting your Hedgehog, it's good to know they're doing well. It looks like we made a good choice to go on Sunday, the Hoopoe hasn't been seen since! You too x