Friday, 6 November 2020

Post Hill

I've finally been plagued by the new blogger glitches so this post has taken a little longer than planned as I ended up having to start is from scratch! Hopefully by the time I next post blogger will have sorted itself out!

A couple of weekends ago we went for a walk around Post Hill woods, it's actually not too far from home but we have always driven past on our way elsewhere before so had never been. It's actually not too far from the Farnley Balancing Reservoir and although has a fairly new housing estate along side part of it, it's isolated enough you could imagine you're out in the middle of nowhere. 

My husband visited about 35 years ago when they were still doing motorcycle climb events at is has one of the steepest hill climbs in the world (not sure if that's still a valid claim these days!). It had changed a huge amount since then, he couldn't figure out where the steep hill was and ended up asking a dog walker. She was quite helpful and pointed us in the right direction and also said about how the area had changed in the 30 years she had been walking there, the main part of the woods we were in barely existed back then and she told us how most of the trees has self seeded over the years. A really good example of how nature works if left alone. 

It was very autumnal, lots of acorns everywhere and lot's of yellows in the trees. 

There's always someone who has to make a mess!

The view from the top of the hill climb, we did not climb up or down it but took the longer less steep ways round! 

My husband had this Buzzard fly up in front of him, I was on a lower path so only caught a glimpse as I caught up with him. It flew off and a noisy Jay flew in. As was the norm today the birds I saw refused to pose for photos, very inconsiderate! We did see all the usual woodland birds - Tits, Nuthatch, Goldcrest, Woodpigeons, we heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming. 

Pudsey beck runs along the bottom of the woods I saw a Gray Wagtail - possibly two in the water, with Wren feeding along the edge too. 

Spot the Wagtail!

We were there a couple of hours but we didn't explore the whole area so we'll be back!


  1. What a lovely walk and good to see all the autumn colours. Woods are so beautiful in the autumn and there is a great view from the top :) You have my sympathies re: new blogger. I don't like it all and so time consuming to do a post!

    1. Thanks Caroline, it's a good time of year :)

      I'm about to do another so we'll see how it goes!

  2. A fabulous place to ramble on a benign and lovely fall day. A pox on the idiot that left the trash in the woods; obviously his brain departed his cranium long ago. There is something quite emblematic of fall in discovering acorns. What a wonderful walk you had, Pam.

    1. Unfortunately there's always that element that want to destroy things, dreadful.

      It's been a bumper year here for Acorns, walking in the local woods meant dodging showers of them in recent weeks!

  3. Wow what a fab view...the color on the trees looks great. The stream looks so inviting, I agree if left to it Nature makes the perfect landscape. Im sure the hill enjoys like more as a nature trail than a bike drag. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Sondra. It was really lovely, i'm pleased we finally made time to go!