Monday, 2 August 2021

A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend we didn't do much but what we did was pretty fantastic! 

On Saturday evening thanks to my very kind cousin we were able to watch Badgers at play - first time ever seeing them (roadkill does not count!). It meant a wait with a slightly damp numb bum but it was definitely worth it! 

We were pretty much eye level with the sett and whilst we waited watched young Rabbits, a Swallow swooping around in front of us, Geese, Cormorants overhead, we heard Curlews and Lapwings. 

First spot was of the back of one of the badgers as it came out of one of the holes just behind a slight ridge, a second followed and they ran across, sat down, scratched and then dived on each other and tumbled about. 

It was quite a magical moment and we watched them a little while before leaving them to their fun. Talk about smiles on our faces!

On Sunday we were up early and off to Bempton holding our breath that the current star attraction was still around and thankfully it was! A Black-browed Albatross has been hanging around the cliffs since the end of June, the third year it's been seen here and this is the longest it's stayed. It's a fair way off it's usual habitat in the Southern Hemisphere. 

We headed for the spot it's been seen often - the New Roll-up viewpoint and it was far out on the sea at first. Then it started to fly around and eventually flew right over our heads! Unfortunately I forgot the golden camera rule of checking your settings and my iso was still set very high from the Badgers last night so the only shot I got was a somewhat over exposed photo of it flying away! 

No saving this shot!

We walked up to Staple Newk and watched Gannets, Fulmars, Kittiwake chicks and distant Puffins. We were lucky enough to see the Albatross flying around again back at New Roll-up too. It's quite something to see and I never thought i'd be able to say that i'd seen an Albatross!


Young Kittiwake


Gannets with Chicks

Meadow Brown

It was quite windy and I couldn't resist the Gannets in flight!


What a weekend!

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Out and About

We have managed to get out here and there over the past few weeks, not so often as we'd like due to various other commitments (thank goodness for the garden!). This past weekend I spent mostly inside in front of the fan as you may know I don't get on with the kind of temperatues we have at the moment!

A day in Scarborough - it ended up being a hot and sunny and it was good to see the sea. I think this post may be a little photo heavy!

You can't go to the seaside without being surrounded by Gulls

Mallard with Ducklings

A family of Pied Wagtails were on the rocks along Marine Drive

Kittiwakes are nesting on some of the buildings despite the netting 

Some kind of Jellyfish?

A morning was spent at Rodley Nature Reserve once the hides opened up, i've missed visiting here, we were lucky enough to see a Kingfisher and a Little Ringed Plover. 

We had to watch out for tiny Froglets everywhere

Young Grey Heron

Mallard Chicks


Little Grebe

A nest under one of the lift up boards, mouse perhaps but sadly fill with rubbish

Skipper - Large I think

Small Tortoiseshell

Beautiful Banded Demoiselle, these are very good at hiding in the vegetation!

Pheasant feather

Speckled Wood

Tree Sparrow, I don't think i've ever seen one here before 

I've managed a few walks in the woods before work, everything is looking very green and lush there at the moment, i've seen young Chiffchaffs, lots of young Blue/Great Tits too. Not so many butterflies so far, even on the sunny days.

Speckled Wood

Soldier Beetle

In the park on the way to work, I noticed they have created a patch full of wild flowers, which is frequently buzzing with all sorts of insects. I've seen a Chiffchaff family in the park too, a Great Spotted Woodpecker is often tapping at the trees. 

The round flower bed on the right.......... looks like this

There are patches of wild in a few other places on the commute, one has usally fallen foul to the mower by now - no idea why as it's a fenced off, in no-ones way and looks lovely and full of all sorts of flowers. Anyway i've probably jinxed it now but so far it's blooming.......

The lane down to work

I've got lots going on in the garden at the moment, but i'll save that for the next post!