Wednesday, 1 February 2012

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

I spent an hour doing the Big Garden Birdwatch on Sunday afternoon. I wasn't too hopeful as the birds have been a bit on the quiet side recently and visits to the garden have been sporadic.

In the end I got 9 species down from 12 last year. The numbers were down too. I was bolstered by the appearance of a female Blackcap in the last five minutes of the hour. It's only the second time i've seen one in the garden, the last time it was a male.

3 Blackbirds
1 Blackcap
2 Blue Tits
2 Collared Doves
1 Dunnock
4 Goldfinch
6 House Sparrows
1 Robin
2 Starlings

A couple of bad pictures of the Blackcap taken through the window, by the time i'd grabbed the camera it had flown off into next doors garden.