Sunday, 9 January 2011

In the garden

Despite plans to get out and about in the New Year all is not going to plan as family members have been struck down with Swine flu. Hopefully everyone is now on the mend and the new year is going to start getting a little better!

So i'm going to post on what's been happening in the garden over the past week or so. We have had two new garden birds - a male Reed Bunting and a male Siskin. It's only the second time i've seen a Siskin and it was around a few days.

There has been plenty of activity from all the usual birds Goldfinch, Coal, Blue and Great Tits, Dunnocks, Starlings, House Sparrows, Robin, Collared Doves, Woodpigeon. There has been the odd visit from a Wren, Long Tailed Tits, Chaffinch and Greenfinch. Also an increase in the number of Blackbirds upto 7 or 8 at a time around the garden.

Yesterday morning we had a surprise as a large fox walked down the garden as we ate breakfast - it was quite beautiful and we watched as it leapt over the fence and made it's way off through the neighbours gardens. Unfortunately I didn't get to the camera quick enough for a shot. I know we have them around here but it's the first time i've seen one in the garden.

Here are a few shots - as usual taken through the windows (which need a good clean!).

The lawn is taking a bit of a battering from the niger seed at the moment, despite having the niger feeders the amount of birds constantly on them is sending the seed flying -takes some cleaning up!

Finally some shots of the Siskin, it was a little shy and wouldn't turn around for the camera!!