Monday, 16 November 2009

Our Favourite Little Spot

Oakwell Hall has fast become our favourite place for a walk, it's so close by and just the right walk so my little one doesn't completely wipe out! Yesterday we took advantage of the sun and headed over there.

It's quite a difference now of course with most of the trees bare of their leaves.

This is the same shot of the photo at the top of this post - big difference!

The birds were a bit scarce but it was mid afternoon and quite busy. We did see Long Tailed Tits, Goldfinch, Robins, Blackbirds, Crows, Magpies and Blue Tits.

This Gorse bush was in full bloom and looked quite striking.

This walkway doesn't have quite the same impact with the bare branches.

We came across a fair bit of fungi, which is fast becoming a favourite to hunt out - weird I know, who'd have thought i'd have such a liking for fungus!! I was very excited when my stepson spotted these Fly Agaric, an iconic fungi, which i've never actually seen before in the 'flesh'.

Of course then we saw quite a few dotted about. There were plenty of others too including these tiny little ones on a lot of tree stumps - no idea what they are though. It's not the greatest picture but if anyone has ideas?

We saw plenty of others too and though I keep forgetting I will get a guide and try and id these - it will be nice to put a name to what we see!

Thought i'd end with this giant leaf we discovered, which is next to my hubby size ten foot for a guide. I'm ashamed to say that I only think it's a Sycamore leaf and really I should know exactly what it is!


  1. I find fungi fascinating too Pam, not too hot on ID though! Fly Agaric is one I have always wanted to find and never have, well I may have as a child but I'm not sure. Lovely photos of it!

    It really does look like a nice place to walk and I loved the cheerful Gorse :)

  2. It's certainly one of the 'prettiest' you can find, if fungi can be pretty!

  3. Hi Pam, lovely pics & nice to see the Fly Agaric, Ive only spotted one this year at Goldenacre. I wonder whether the small white fungi on the stump might be Candlesnuff fungus, described in my book as 'having a slender black base & pointed powdery white tips that are branched like antlers'. Linda

  4. Thanks for that Linda, I'll check that out. It's a wonderful name isn't it Candlesnuff! :-)