Sunday, 17 January 2010

Our Garden in the New Year

Finally the snow has just about disappeared over the weekend. It's certainly brought a lot of birds into the garden since the 1st January but it will be nice to be able to go out without boots on!

So my garden list is almost as long as the final list for last year already. I've had the largest number of Greenfinch yet - 4, as these birds are usually infrequent visitors to the garden and then at the most a pair that has been good to see.

A Woodpigeon has started to visit again, the first since summer last year. There have been a few fleeting visits from the Long Tailed Tits but the Coal Tits haven't been since the middle of December.

Despite reports of Redwings and Fieldfares visiting people's garden during the snow I have yet to see either around here, I have had a Mistle Thrush a couple of times but it would be nice to see the others in the garden!

1. Blackbird
2. Blue Tit
3. Carrion Crow
4. Chaffinch
5. Collard Dove
6. Dunnock
7. Goldfinch
8. Great Tit
9. Greenfinch
10. Herring Gull (flyover)
11. House Sparrow
12. Long Tailed Tit
13. Magpie
14. Mistle Thrush
15. Pigeon (flyover)
16. Robin
17. Starling
18. Woodpigeon
19. Wren

The garden doesn't look quite so pretty now without the snow and there is a lot of spilled seed to clean up too!

The next door neighbours cat has been scaring off the birds today, it's been very quiet in the garden!

Hopefully now the weather is improving we'll be able to get out and about more and work on spotting some more birds and try and take my list up to 100.


  1. Yes, it has gone here too Pam, at last! Your garden looks a lot neater than mine. My garden looks dreadful without the snow, a reminder of all the work I didn't get round to in the Autumn :(

    That is a good list of birds and I envy you the Mistle Thrush, I'm not sure I have ever seen one. The LTTs are nowhere to be seen either! If you want a few more Wood Pigeons, I have plenty to spare here but please don't send the cat in exchange :)

  2. Good luck on reaching the 100 Pam.
    My garden`s gone deadly quiet now that the snow`s gone.

  3. ShySongbird - the garden does need a good tidy up now! I quite like the Woodpigeons, they have beautiful colouring on their chests don't think the neighbours would appreciate me sending their cat off though lol.

    Dean - thanks for that, my life list stands at 85 so 15 to go! It's gone very quiet here too with the garden birds.

  4. Have fun chasing the 100 Pam! Linda