Monday, 1 February 2010

RSPB Garden Watch

I took part in the RSPB Garden Watch on Saturday, my second time taking part. Despite the neighbours cats hanging about I managed quite a few birds.

1 Blackbird
2 Blue Tits
2 Collard Doves
1 Dunnock
3 Goldfinch
1 Great Tit
9 House Sparrows
1 Long Tailed Tit
2 Magpies
1 Robin
5 Starlings
3 Woodpigeons

I discovered that the Woodpigeon now has a mate, they flew in together but were soon followed by a third who followed them about the gardens. The Long Tailed Tit didn't last long at all as the Blue Tit soon chased it off, it only appeared near the end of the hour so it was nice to get.

It was good to be able to just sit and watch for an hour with no distractions (my husband took the little one out while I did my hour). I saw more birds and their behaviour than I normally would. I also got a couple of additional birds to last year too.

Of course about 20 minutes later the garden was full - 3 Blackbirds, 8 Goldfinch, 2 Great tits, 6 Starlings, 2 Dunnocks, Collared Dove, Robin and a couple of Sparrows all at once - typical!

My results are submitted now and i'll be looking out for the results later on in the year.


  1. You beat me with the Dunnock Pam, I expected to see one but couldn't spot it anywhere (probably hiding in a hedge until the hour was up!) and I didn't see any Magpies either. It was enjoyable wasn't it and I expect it was nice for you to have an uninterrupted hour :)

  2. I think the birds hide on purpose! It certainly was nice to get a bit of peace and quiet - it doesn't happen often here! :-)