Saturday, 3 July 2010


We have had up to eight Swifts in 'residence' above our house since May. They are lovely to watch and i've spent a fair few evenings sat in the garden watching them screech about in the sky long after all the other birds have disappeared for the day.

They are difficult to photograph though I have tried and the best shot i'd come up with is this one, with the sun just catching the wing as it turned.

This morning though I watched all 8 birds behaving liked i'd never seen before. There were all flying at roof height and below, which made for great views from the bedroom window. They were flying pretty close to the buildings too. Three of them kept landing on the old factory opposite and seemingly trying to get into the cracks. I have never seen a Swift land before and it was quite something to watch!

Amazing what you can see from your own window!


  1. I love watching them too Pam and I find them pretty well impossible to photograph, you did well! Fascinating to see them on the building.

    Regarding your reply on the last post, I always preview my comment and I think sometimes I may forget to then hit the publish button, your suggestion could be a possibility also. I must pay more attention :)

  2. Thank you, never would have got any decent shots if they hadn't been so obliging! :-)

    I know I forget to hit the submit button quite often, too much rushing about on my part!

  3. Judging by the mess that`s down the wall, it looks like they`ve bred in that gap.

  4. I did wonder that Dean but have never seen them go near the building before - I suppose I could have missed them though? I usually watch them from the garden at the back of the house and the factory is at the front.