Sunday, 3 July 2011

Garden update

The fledglings have been few and far between after last years high numbers. We have still had plenty of young Starlings and House Sparrows but only a couple of Goldfinch and only 5 Blue Tits. There have been a couple of Great Tits and a brief visit from a Robin. There have been no Blackbird youngsters in the garden at all. Some of the pictures are taken through the window!

We are still having plenty of visits from all our usual birds but it's been a shame we've had so few juveniles.

The Sparrowhawk is still around (which may explain the lack of young birds!) and I've watched it flying high over the houses on quite a few occasions. There are the usual 7 Swifts at the moment too - always a joy to sit and watch. Speckled Woods have been in the garden in abundance - never when I have the camera though We watched a dozen Tortoiseshell's almost dancing with each other over the gardens.

This afternoon my daughter spotted a grasshopper on our chair and I managed a couple of photos before it leapt off into the roses!


  1. Hi Pam, nice to catch up with your birdie news. A lot of the Blackbirds have had a hard time this year due to the very early hot, dry spell and have had difficulty digging into the dry, compacted ground to obtain worms etc. for their young. Perhaps that has had an effect where you are. As you say the Sparrowhawk may well have something to do with it too!

    Anyway, it still looks pretty busy in your garden with plenty to entertain you and the little one. I love that last photo of the Grasshopper :)

  2. Thanks for the comment :-) A real shame about the Blackbirds, we had so many last year and not a single one this year!