Sunday, 30 October 2011


Some kind person dropped their chips across the road from our house yesterday. It lead to quite a raucous fight between a lone Magpie and up to a dozen Black Headed Gulls. The Magpie stood it's ground though and came away with the most chips!

It's the first time i've seen the Gulls right outside the house like this, it's rare they get so close here.


  1. an opportunity for the birds to get an easy meal.... and of course an opportunity for you to be able to get up close with the camera.

    I still like to see the Gulls land on my lawn in winter when I throw bread out. Lesser Black Backed Gulls reaaly do look huge when they are sat in the garden.

  2. We get Herring & BH Gulls overhead most of the time but have never had them land in the garden!