Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fairburn Ings

We took a trip over to Fairburn Ings just after Christmas and despite the freezing winds we spent a few hours there.

Even managed a new bird for me, a Redpoll on the feeders by the visitor centre.

The feeders were very busy all around the reserve.

At the Lin Dyke hide we spotted plenty of Canada Geese, Black Headed Gulls and Mallards. A lone Lapwing stood in the water and there were Wigeon, Tufted Ducks, Moorhens and Mute Swans in the distance. By the edge of the water there was a group of Teal.

There were plenty of other birds around too, Fieldfare, Cormorants, Chaffinch, Blackbirds, Robins, Dunnocks, Moorhens, Coots and Pheasants.

The lake was heaving with Swans, Mallards and Black Headed Gulls all trying to get a look in at the feed you can purchase from the shop. The strong winds made it hard going for the Gulls but they are persistant!


  1. Pam glad to see you got your camera out, you have a good eye for what is going on around you

    Happy 2012

  2. Thanks Dave, Happy 2012 to you too!

    Unfortunately due to illness and then a knee injury my trips out have gone by the wayside so far this year! Looking forward to getting back to normal!

  3. Hi Pam, It's so nice to be back at last. Sorry to read you have been ill and also hurt your knee, I hope things improve for you soon.

    You had a lovely day out and got some great photos, well done on the Redpoll! I think I can see at least one Tree Sparrow on the feeder too, a bird I haven't seen for years!

    I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy 2012.

  4. Thanks :)

    There are a lot of Tree Sparrows at Fairburn Ings, they were a few fighting over the feeders!