Sunday, 7 September 2014

Adel Dam

Back in July we spent a Sunday morning at Adel Dam, as usual it was fairly quiet despite the number of people in the adjoining Golden Acre Park. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust had a little information desk set up at the entrance and we had a nice chat with the guy there.

With it being quiet we spent quite a bit of time in each hide, which turned out to be a good thing. From the Marsh Hide, a lot of Blue and Great Tits on the feeders with a couple of Chaffinch on the table. In the undergrowth we saw a squirrel and rabbit. Then in flew in a Great Spotted Woodpecker and put on quite a show, it was lovely to watch.

We spent about 40 minutes in the lake hide, on our own the whole time. Overhead we saw a Red Kite in the distance and over to the right over the trees a Buzzard.

A Heron flew into the trees followed by another which flew right across in front of the hide. Mallard and Tufted ducks with young were dotted about. Then we spotted not one but three Kingsfishers, these birds are a joy to watch and we tracked them flying around the lake for quite a while. They never made it close enought for a great photo but we were happy enough to just enjoy plus anything that can capture my 8 yr olds attention for that long is always a bonus!

Part of me was pleased it was so quiet but then of course just look at what people are missing out on!

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