Sunday, 1 November 2015

In the Garden

The birds are really taking their time coming back into the garden at the moment. We have a new feeder set up and part of the old one nearer the house, so far i've only seen Robin singing on it. This morning a Coal Tit decided to single handedly try and eat all the sunflower hearts.

Hopefully he'll be back a bit more often now!


  1. I think the busiest bird in our garden has to be the coal tit too, Starlings and Collard doves have learned how to get onto the small feeder ! Dunnock not happy now the Robin is back,they spend the whole winter chasing each other round the garden, Crow and Magpie in daily, have gone back to filling the feeders every day !
    Amanda xx

    1. They're non stop aren't they! The doves are quite clever at balancing to get to the feeders, the woodpigeons too! So far though my garden is still fairly quiet xx