Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Winter arrives

We finally had our first (and maybe our last?!) snow of season on Saturday evening, I couldn't help but take a short walk out in it, everything looks so much prettier at night when it's covered in snow!

Sunday morning I was up early and out for a walk in hope that I could enjoy the snow without too many people about. There's something peaceful about a snowy walk!

The local park was looking quite beautiful and there were just a few dog walkers about as usual for a Sunday morning.

In fact the dog walkers and their dogs were having a snowball fight, lots of fun!

The Blackbirds were out in abundance and looked quite striking against the snow.

I spotted a couple of Mistle Thrush, a few Sparrows and a couple of Great Tits but bird wise it was very quiet.

Back home and the snow was already starting to fall off the trees but the garden still looked good and our resident Robin, who pretty much lives in the tree next to the bird feeder was very obliging and posed for a few photos.

Snow falling on a weekend when I don't have to go anywhere and then being gone for the Monday morning commute to work is the kind of snow I love best!


  1. It was nice to have snow for the day,it covered everything quite quickly. We had a little play on the road in the evening, at work the next day so we misted it all. Love the snow photo's at the park.
    Amanda xx

    1. It was a brief moment wasn't it, I think that was possibly our winter this year! x