Friday, 5 August 2016

Adel Dam

Sunday morning was a trip to Adel Dam (after a quick visit to the bird/squirrel feeding station in Golden Acre. I think everything was overfed, there were 5 squirrels, a couple of Wood Pigeon, a Jay, Chaffinch and Great Tits, nowhere near the usual number around!)

From the first hide at Adel the feeders had just been filled and the birds didn't hang around for the volunteer to clear the area before they were back on the them. The usual suspects, Great, Coal and Blue Tits, Robin, GS Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Woodpigeons and Squirrels hoovering up on the floor. A Jay flew over but didn't hang around. A Magpie was making the most of the nuts.

Moving on as the hide got quite busy we sat quite a while looking out at the lake. Good job we did as we saw 2 possibly 3 Kingfishers flying around the water, I always love seeing these birds. Also out on the water/mud were Mandarin, BH Gulls, Grey Wagtails, Moorhens, Crow and a duck with chicks, I think a Gadwall.

On the feeders at the side of the hide were juvenile and adult Great & Blue Tits and a couple of Wrens flying about. 

We walked on through the woods which were very quiet today, both bird and people wise! A nice couple of hours at one of my favourite places 

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