Monday, 26 August 2019

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path runs for 186 miles along the coast and part of it goes from Abeireddy on to Porthgain, this is the only part of it we walked. It's said that you could walk it in one go taking about 10-15 days but the rate we walk it would take us at least double this!!

Walking along from the Blue Lagoon there is a hidden away beach, Traeth Llyfn, which has rock pools, sand and beautiful sea............and a lot of steps to get down to it!

The cliff tops were covered in butterflies - Painted Ladies, Wall, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Blues.......

I think these are all Common Blue

A rather worn out Painted Lady

A less worn out Painted Lady!

Meadow Brown

Small Copper



Meadow Brown

......and birds - Linnets, Meadow Pipits, Wheatear, Stonechats, Gulls, Raven, Crows, Sparrows and Oystercatchers, though we heard those long before we managed to spot them.



Meadow Pipit


House Sparrows

Plenty of other insects buzzed around, lots of Bees, Crickets/Grasshoppers, Shield Bugs and Beetles

Pied Hover Fly?

Meadow Grasshopper?

Field Grasshopper


Hairy Shieldbug

We walked on to Porthgain - lots more steps down to it and they were having a local 5 a side tournament so it was quite busy. The lady we rented the cottage from had recommended The Shed - the local Fish and Chip shop here but in the end we weren't really in the mood for fish so decided on lunch in The Sloop Inn instead, lovely big plates of food and a nice cold drink! We got ice creams for the walk back and had to eat them quickly as it was so warm. 

I've got to say the walking is fine, I can walk for hours usually but throwing in all the steps today was painful, my poor calves!! It was all worth it though. 

The view looking away from the sea

and towards it

So our little bit of the Coastal Walk took us a good few hours and it was just beautiful. I'd love to go back to walk other parts of it some day.


  1. It was obviously a lovely walk with an interesting and varied flora and fauna. I expect that next year we might find you back in Wales walking another section of the hundred and eighty odd miles. By the time you collect your old age pension you will have done the whole thing!

  2. SO rugged and beautiful with butterflies and birds all over the place! I see that staircase in your photo and it would sure kill more me...hope you do get to go back again.

    1. Oh my calves are twinging just thinking about all those stairs! I hope so too :)

  3. How beautiful. It sounds a wonderful walk and you certainly saw lots of wonderful wildlife, the sea views are stunning:)

  4. It looks a beautiful coast path walk - you have certainly made me think even more of going to Pembrokeshire. Great wildlife and views and the beach you visited looks beautiful :)

    1. Oh it really was, i've still got a post to do about visiting Ramsey Island too, that might help you decide........

  5. What a lovely walk :) your sawfly is an icnhneumon wasp, possibly Ichneumon extensorius but I'm not certain on that.

  6. Thanks Louise, i'm never quite sure about these!