Monday, 2 August 2021

A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend we didn't do much but what we did was pretty fantastic! 

On Saturday evening thanks to my very kind cousin we were able to watch Badgers at play - first time ever seeing them (roadkill does not count!). It meant a wait with a slightly damp numb bum but it was definitely worth it! 

We were pretty much eye level with the sett and whilst we waited watched young Rabbits, a Swallow swooping around in front of us, Geese, Cormorants overhead, we heard Curlews and Lapwings. 

First spot was of the back of one of the badgers as it came out of one of the holes just behind a slight ridge, a second followed and they ran across, sat down, scratched and then dived on each other and tumbled about. 

It was quite a magical moment and we watched them a little while before leaving them to their fun. Talk about smiles on our faces!

On Sunday we were up early and off to Bempton holding our breath that the current star attraction was still around and thankfully it was! A Black-browed Albatross has been hanging around the cliffs since the end of June, the third year it's been seen here and this is the longest it's stayed. It's a fair way off it's usual habitat in the Southern Hemisphere. 

We headed for the spot it's been seen often - the New Roll-up viewpoint and it was far out on the sea at first. Then it started to fly around and eventually flew right over our heads! Unfortunately I forgot the golden camera rule of checking your settings and my iso was still set very high from the Badgers last night so the only shot I got was a somewhat over exposed photo of it flying away! 

No saving this shot!

We walked up to Staple Newk and watched Gannets, Fulmars, Kittiwake chicks and distant Puffins. We were lucky enough to see the Albatross flying around again back at New Roll-up too. It's quite something to see and I never thought i'd be able to say that i'd seen an Albatross!


Young Kittiwake


Gannets with Chicks

Meadow Brown

It was quite windy and I couldn't resist the Gannets in flight!


What a weekend!


  1. Oh, how wonderful to see the badgers and the albatross too. I hadn't seen a real badger at all until about three years ago, only those laying by or in the road or in glass cases in the museums I have worked in. We now have badgers visit the garden and occasionally we see them 'live' rather than on the wildlife camera. Your trip to Bempton looks wonderful with so many sightings, love the gannets:)

    1. That's exactly how i'd seen Badgers before too. It's so lovely that you get them in the garden :)

  2. You had a very exciting weekend, Pam, with the kinds of "firsts" we would all cherish. The most agreeable first for me would have been simply to visit Bempton Cliffs, a long-coveted destination, but I have run out of time on previous trips to Britain. Whether I will ever return to the UK is doubtful, so it may remain a dream forever!

    1. It's certainly a special place, we're lucky to have it so close. I do hope that you maybe you might be able to visit again!

  3. Hi Pam! That was a stellar weekend for sure, I have never seen a badger in the wilds, only in zoo's of a sort. The birdlife on the cliff is amazing, and the Albatross, what a score!! Enjoy your week.

  4. What a wonderful weekend!!! Congratulations on those firsts! Your encounter with badgers must have been wonderful. We had had fleeting glimpses of them on the Isle of Wight but to actually sit and watch them is the most exciting thing out. One of my best wildlife experiences.

    Wow! on the Albatross so glad you saw it! Great photos especially love the ones of the gannets and the badgers of course :)

    1. Thanks Caroline, it was such a good evening and quite thrilling!

  5. Hi Pam, hope you are keeping well.
    Well done getting those Badgers, really amazing shots.

    1. Thanks Roy, i'm good, I hope you are too! It was quite a special evening and i'm really pleased I managed to get the photos too :)

  6. live, laugh, LOVE THIS!! #WAP🍷❤️

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