Sunday, 14 June 2009


Just a quick post this evening. There has been a family of Goldfinch in the garden this afternoon. Two adults and two young, the adults have been on the feeders quite a bit and the young just close by in the trees.

The youngsters finally decided to fly down to the shed and beg for some food from one of the parents before they all flew off. I got some great footage on video so I need to figure out how to put that on the PC - will need hubbys help for that! The Goldfinch have all still being hanging around including a third adult which has caused some squabbling between all the adults.

There are also 5 Swifts flying quite low over the houses and garden right now making the most noise i've ever heard from them, not sure what is causing it but you certainly can't miss them right now!


  1. Well done on the Goldfinches Pam, such exotic looking little birds and I love the tinkling noise they make as they fly into the garden.

  2. I have managed to pull a slightly blurry shot off the video footage I took of them which i'll post later. Having trouble getting the video uploaded at the mo!