Thursday, 11 June 2009

More from the Garden

It appears the Starlings are going further afield, we still have 7 or 8 visiting at a time but not as many as the past couple of weeks. Most of the Starlings are fledglings and there are only a couple of adult birds. The Goldfinch are back after after a few weeks where we rarely saw them. I've had to top up their feeder for the first time in a while. There are two Blue Tits now that come together instead of the one and the Robin sneaks in between the squabbling Starlings.

We have several House Sparrows, a couple of Dunnocks and 4 shy Collared Doves. There were two Woodpigeons fighting over the seed tray this afternoon, one was actually hitting the other with it wing, it won and the first bird flew off.

There has just been a juvenile Blackbird in the garden late this afternoon with a very noisy male, we have a regular female Blackbird too. I've seen the Coal Tit just once over the past few days and there were two Greenfinch sat at the top of the tallest tree at the back of the garden.

I haven't been able to get any decent shots of the birds but have got some of the other visitors to the garden.

You can just about see this bees back leg heavy with pollen, it was tough to get and didn't stay still for long.

This is my Clematis now the flowers have gone

My climbing Rose has it's first flowers with lots more buds yet to open. It does have greenfly though and any suggestions other than using a bug gun would be appreciated or do I just leave them alone?? Not had to deal with them much before.


  1. Lots going on with the birds in your garden Pam, I think your missing Starlings are all in my garden, I will try to convince them to go back to you! I always think the Clematis seed heads look attractive in their own right. That is a beautiful photo of your rose I've never had much success with them, I do have one climbing one but even that has decided it prefers the neighbours and has disappeared over the fence! My only suggestion regarding greenfly other than hoping the Blue Tits etc will eat them all is a spray of a weak solution of water and washing up liquid. Personally I leave them for the birds, wasps, hoverflies etc. The bee on the bloom photos are really lovely.

  2. Thanks for the info, i'll probably just leave the greenfly for now! My climbing Rose is a bit wild, needs a bit of training, a couple of the branches are trying to sneak in the patio doors, once more of the flowers are out i'll post a pic of it in full.