Thursday, 17 September 2009


Well, I've noticed this week with the chill in the air that autumn is on its way. A lot of the leaves are turning to wonderful reds and yellows already. It's a beautiful time of year, great for walking and for my little one to be collecting the leaves as they drop from the trees.

I found a small tree this morning where nearly all its leaves had turned red, it looked very colourful. Unfortunately I only had the camera on my mobile so it's not the best picture.

In my garden I still have plenty of Sweet Peas flowering, along with poppies and Begonias. There are Fuscias that are still to open too.

The birds have been fairly quiet recently apart from the Goldfinch, which still come in groups of up to 10 at a time. Still have a couple of Dunnocks, Blue Tits, a Robin, Collared Doves and the odd Starling too. The House Sparrows seem to prefer the neighbours seed feeder at the moment, means I can still watch without the expense though, they are really going through some at the moment!

I'm looking forward to seeing the changes autumn brings and capturing some of the wonderful colours it produces.


  1. Your mobile must have a pretty good camera on it Pam, the photo of the leaves is beautiful, stunning colours! Your Sweet Peas look lovely too, mine are long gone but I have to admit they were rather neglected, along with the rest of my garden just lately :(

    It is an expensive business this bird feeding! I find they are particularly wasteful with the Sunflower seeds in the hanging feeders and if I leave them on the ground where they fall for too long they turn into a nasty smelly mush when they get wet which I fear is probably dangerous to the birds. I found the kibbled hearts were much less wasteful but more difficult to obtain, I think I may go back to using those.

  2. The sweet peas were from a neighbour when they went on holiday so they went in late!

    I've been using sunflower hearts and they are very popular with the Goldfinch and Dunnocks too. Definitely less mess!