Thursday, 3 September 2009

In the Garden

The bad weather recently is bringing the birds back to the garde at the moment. Yesterday we had 12 Goldfinch on the feeders and trees. A couple of them even landed on the floor and tried out the seed tray too, something i've never seen before. There was a mixture of adults and juveniles.

Today there were 23 House Sparrows on the fence and lawn, several Starlings too. We are getting 3 Blue Tits on the feeders often too. Only one Dunnock has been putting in an appearance and we have a very brightly coloured Robin in and out the past couple of days. Collared Doves, Blackbirds, Great Tits and a brief visit from a Coal Tit at the weekend round up the bird visits at the moment. I haven't seen the squirrel around for a couple of days.

I still have a few flowers in the garden too including Lobelia, Begonia's, Sweet Peas, Poppies and a few others yet to open.


  1. Still lots going on in your garden Pam. 23 House Sparrows! My goodness, we just don't see them in those numbers here any more although I have seen more this year. That Begonia is a beautiful red and the Gladioli looks like it will be too.

  2. Thanks, the Gladioli are opening properly now but it's just been too windy to get a decent photo of them!