Thursday, 29 April 2010


The Goldfinch have been great practise for the camera, these beautiful birds always look good!

This is the second photo I took with it.

Then a few shots on the feeder taken from the patio doors

This one taken from a bedroom window

There are only a two or three Goldfinch around at the moment, we had up to 15 over the winter now i'm hoping they are off nesting somewhere and we'll soon get so see some juveniles again.


  1. They're nice and sharp Pam, looks like you've made a good choice with that camera, Linda

  2. Thanks Linda, these are some of the first photos I took with it, compared to my other one it's a huge difference on the closer shots!

  3. Lovely photos Pam! I can see you're having fun with the new camera. What colourful birds they are, I always think they light up the garden.

  4. Glad to see the camera is working out for you!