Monday, 21 June 2010

Rodley Nature Reserve

We visited for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. It was pretty quiet for birds and people but we had a good walk around explored the meadow walk which we hadn't done before.

The usual birds were on the water - Coots, Mallards and Moorhens, the latter two with young and the former still nesting. Tufted Ducks, Mute Swans, a family of Canada Geese and a brief glimpse of a Little Grebe before it ducked under the water and disappeared amongst the reeds

There were plenty of Jackdaws, Swifts and Sand Martins over the water too and a Heron flew overhead. We spent a while in one of the hides watching a Lapwing at one side and Reed Buntings (living up to their names and hanging on the reeds!) and Cormorants at the other. We did see quite a few lbjs that we just couldn't id.

At the ponds there were quite a few tadpoles but no sign of any dragon/damsel flies or for that matter any butterflies today. We did surprise a Toad under one of the special lift up areas they have dotted about.

We finished off at the managers garden, which at first was empty bar a Great Tit and Dunnock. Then a beautiful Jay flew in and spent quite some time on the various feeders - it's our best view ever of this bird. It was still there when we left.

It's always a great visit here, we always spend a good couple of hours exploring and could have stayed longer but we were pushed for time. I love that it's quite hidden away behind the houses and i'd highly recommend a visit.


  1. I was envious of your Swallow photo and now I am envious of the Jay :) It is years since I saw one!

    It does look a great place to visit and if that was your little one it looked like she was enjoying it very much :)

    Lovely photos throughout and as well as the Jay I particularly liked the Lapwing and the Toad.

  2. Thank you :-) I don't see Jay's that often and never that close before!