Monday, 14 June 2010

RSPB Make your nature count

I did my nature count last Thursday whilst my little one was at school. It was great just to sit and watch the garden without having to get up and do something else! I had some decent results.

2 Dunnocks
1 Robin
1 Blue Tit
5 Starlings
8 House Sparrows
5 Goldfinch
2 Blackbird
1 Magpie
1 Collared Dove
1 Woodpigeon

Unfortunately I couldn't see any Swifts - well not until my hour was up of course! It also provided my first sighting this year of two juvenile Goldfinch which flew in briefly and returned with a third later in the afternoon.


  1. I`ve not seen any juvenile Goldfinches yet, Pam.
    PS : looks like quite a few of us have had a template change on our blogs.

  2. Welcome to UK & Eire Natural History Bloggers.

  3. Thanks very much Roger!

    Dean, the juvenile Goldfinch turned up here just about the same time as they did last year, strange to see them without the red face.


  4. Oh and yes I made full use of the new templates, this one seemed quite apt :-)

  5. Hello Pam, I'm liking the new template, very swish. Ive not seen any juvenile Goldfinches myself so its nice to see them here. Linda

  6. Thanks Linda, there has been quite a few about near my house but the young ones don't often make it into the garden.