Friday, 18 November 2016


My surgery went well but now i'm stuck in recovery for some time. I'm not able to do much of anything, I can't even handle my camera at the moment, which is frustrating, well everything is frustrating, of course you don't realise how much you take for granted until your mobility is limited.

Still my garden is proving to be a distraction at times, as I type the squirrel has been hopping all over eating and burying nuts, seeing off Magpies and generally being very squirrely.

There is a constant stream of Blue, Great and recently Coal Tits on the feeders. An ever present Robin and a pair of Goldcrest have been hanging around for a couple of weeks. A Chiffchaff even settled briefly in the trees at the end of last week. House Sparrow numbers roosting at the back of the gardens seem to be increasing and now and again they try out the feeders. Goldfinch have been making an appearance again, they disappeared over the summer though I saw them flying over often enough. A Wren is often flitting around both the front and back garden. 

A brief landing from a Collared Dove in the neighbours tree is the closest visit there's been in a while. I was reading back on some old notes from 2010 and these birds were regular visitors along with Woodpigeons and Blackbirds, all three are now few and far between.

Hopefully next time I post i'll have been able to take a few photos in the garden at least.


  1. Have been wondering how you are Pam so thank you for the update. So glad to hear the surgery went well but sorry to hear that you can't get out and about or even use your camera. It must all be so frustrating for you.

    Good to read your garden birds are providing a distraction for you. You can get so much pleasure from watching even the commoner species. We have similar birds to you here - was pleased to see a Goldcrest too earlier this week and did spot an unidentified warbler which flew off before I could get the binoculars. Collared Doves, once common here too, are rare visitors these days although we do still get far too many Wood Pigeons and quite a few blackbirds.

    Take care and hope your mobility shows some improvement soon. I would imagine you are reading quite a few books :)

    1. Thank you :) It is quite frustrating especially as i'm starting to feel better in general! The garden is definitely a distraction, with the squirrel here every day too at the moment it passes time, they're always fun to watch.

      I've been stockpiling the books knowing i'd have plenty of reading time, a nice bonus in all this, i've got a couple on the go and plenty more waiting!

  2. I'm glad the surgery went well. It's proven that nature helps with recovery time so hopefully you'll be back to taking photos and so on very soon!

    1. Thanks Louise :) I think it should be on prescription on the NHS, it would make everyone feel a lot better!