Monday, 6 November 2017

Potteric Carr

On Sunday we spent the day at Potteric Carr, we haven't been since the new year and it was sunny and cold again but this time minus the frost/ice.

After picking up a bacon sandwich (to keep my hands warm obviously) we headed out into the reserve spotting Pheasant, Jackdaw and Goldfinch by the feeder.

In the woods I was the only one who spotted a deer, it popped it's head up in the distance and then leapt over a log and out of sight. A few Squirrels were overhead, Wrens, Goldcrest, Robins in the trees and bushes around.

There were lots of Common Darters around the reserve, mostly sunning themselves. A Red Admiral flew past at one point, it always surprises me to see a butterfly at this time of year.

My husband spotted a few Blue and Great Tits as we walked from the Cottage Drain hide by the railway track then spotted a a couple of other birds - Redwings, the first ones i've seen this Autumn! A few kept flying in with several Blackbirds too, they soon disappeared into the trees though.

Stopping for a bit of lunch by the east scrape - picnics in November! I was watching the scrape from the picnic bench when I caught a flash of colour - a Kingfisher, it landed briefly on a reed and called a couple of times before flying off towards the West Scrape.

From the hides looking out over the West Scrape and Hunter Marsh we saw lots of very noisy Black Headed Gulls, Shelduck, Lapwing, Great Crested Grebes, Wigeon, Heron, Little Egret amongst others.

Walking to the Tofield hide I was photographing the reeds there and heard a burst of song, then again - a Cetti's Warbler! A first for me, very pleased!

We stopped to watch a Kestrel hunting over the field.

Calling into each hide to look down onto the marsh we saw plenty of birds - Wigeon, Lapwing, Shoveler, Gadwall, Cormorant, Pochard....

Heading back to we stopped at the hides by the willow marsh and saw busy feeders and a Teal mostly bottom up in the water!

A few photos from around the reserve.

We didn't stop to see the Starlings gathering this time, a much needed cuppa in the cafe and we were on our way home.


  1. A lovely post and photos - it sounds a superb reserve with so much wildlife.

    I haven't seen a butterfly for a few weeks - the last was a Red Admiral in the garden.

    Well done on the Cetti's Warbler :)

    1. Thank you! I've seen the odd butterfly on a sunny day, we've had a couple of Red Admirals round the garden towards the end of October. :)

  2. Wow soo many birds in this post, what a list!..I am so envious. Adding a new bird is like finding a gold nugget! Enjoyed all your photos!

    1. It is a great place for lots of birds and I always love spotting a deer too! That's true! Thank you :)

  3. Lovely collection of photos... I've been looking our for redwings and fieldfares as I travel along the country lanes to school and in the fields around the house... not seen any yet.

    1. Thanks Louise. I keep seeing that people have spotted Redwings all over.......I think they keep hiding from me!

  4. Lovely day for a walk in nature... surprised you were seeing Common Darters, didn't think they would be about this late in the year. Very cold today but we have had some warm days in OCT/NOV must be confusing for the wildlife.
    I can hear a few Redwings on a night passing over, and might have seen a few at Ilkley crematory when I went looking for the Hawfinch, which I did not see as well ! Another sighting was recorded on the 5th Nov. If you have not been it is worth a trip as it's full of wildlife. And you can have a wonder up into Ilkley for lunch.
    Amanda xx

    1. There were so many of the Darters, they were mostly sunning themselves but yes they surprised me too! Do you know I worked in Ilkley for three years and I just had to look up where the cemetery was :o I've seen a few photos of the wildlife there, it does look like a great place. Shame about the Hawfinch (I haven't seen one either) xx