Sunday, 11 March 2018

It's not letting go....

......the snow! Thursday morning we woke about 6am to heavy snow, which kept on going for the next 3 and a half hours, right on rush hour, which caused chaos around parts of West Yorkshire and ended up with folks taking more snow days (well not for me of course - I still ended up doing a half day).

So with a couple of extra hours at home I spent half the time clearing snow off the feeder as the birds where in and out of the garden non stop.


Coal Tit

Whilst I waited for the snow to ease I just sat back and enjoyed the view, which included a Heron flyover too. Last year I had to wait till October before I ticked a Heron on the patch, i've seen three this year already. 


Collared Dove

Long-tailed Tits

House Sparrow



Blue Tit

Collared Dove & Robin


The funny thing is by 5pm about 2/3 of the snow had gone and apart from the odd abandoned car it was like this mornings travel chaos never happened!


  1. If people keep getting snow days they will be praying for more! We still have a little here, but nothing to speak of really.

    1. A snow day is a rare thing here usually!

  2. The silver lining you got half a day off and you your yard birds were happy to have your help...I love those long tailed cute! They remind me of the Gray Jays we see out west just a wee bit. Hope next week Spring starts for you!

    1. They are gorgeous little birds aren't!