Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Rodley Nature Reserve

I thought the weather was going to warm up a little on Sunday so decided to go for a walk around Rodley.......expect the snow hadn't quite finished with us yet and when we arrived it was sleeting, snowing and raining altogether like it couldn't quite make up it's mind.

Still off we went with our hoods up spotting four Bullfinch in the trees by the car park. From the hide overlooking the the lagoon we watched the Coot's stride around the ice and found two Oystercatchers in the middle of a large flock of Common and Black-headed Gulls. There were a few ducks around too, Gadwall, Mallard, Pochard, plus Moorhen and Great Crested Grebe.

From the duck marsh and willow path hides we saw Snipe - 8 of them along with a single Oystercatcher.

We saw plenty of small birds, heard a distant drumming Woodpecker and got a quick glimpse of a Bank Vole by the feeder on the willow path.

It was still snowing on and off and the birds were mostly in hiding, a few Teal were gathering all together in the grassland.

The Linnets were flying backwards and forwards from the meadow to the trees, it was a little easier to see them on the meadow with the snow but difficult to get a photo as they were constantly on the move.

As always we stopped at the visitor centre for cake and a cuppa to warm up, there were lots of  birds on the feeders and I spotted a Song Thrush out on the grass.

One of the volunteers mentioned there was a Lapwing by the dung heap and we saw it just as it took off and flew into the distance. A Grey Wagtail flew onto there too. There were quite a few Crows around sitting on the posts looking a little ominous in the fog!

The cold and sleet had defeated us by now though and we decided to head home and dry out. 


  1. Those birds will be wholeheartedly glad when this vicious weather you are having comes to an end, a sentiment echoed by humans I am sure.

  2. The Beast that just won't leave! But what a tally you had in the end...I enjoy your photos so much it really helps expand my horizons as I don't see a trip to the UK in my future...the beak on that snipe...wow! And you got a perfect photo of the Robin. Another balmy day in England Did I ever mention that my X to whom I was wed for 40 yrs is from Warrington? (Manchester) He immigrated back in the 60's and became a US citizen...he always said he left England because of he weather...I don't know if that was the honest truth... he still has his British accent to this day. So when I see "cuppa" it brings back good memories of our time together. Hope you get a melt down soon!

    1. Thankfully the rain and warmer temps got rid of most of the snow by Monday evening! Thank you and I feel the same reading your blog, lovely to see the US through your eyes :) The Robins are friendly little things. Ah Warrington is about an hour away from me, though i've never been, I can imagine he left because of the weather though! I'm glad you're remembering the good times :)

  3. It looks very cold there! but so pleased you saw such a great selection of species. I saw on Twitter this morning you have more snow - hope it goes soon!!

    1. It was cold but I do like getting out there regardless.

      Yes we have quite a bit more than was expected, it's caused a bit of chaos but should hopefully be all gone pretty quick as we're due rain and an increase in temperatures!