Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Churwell Urban Woodlands and beyond

A couple of weekends ago we took a long walk around the woods and made a little detour over the M621 too.

I didn't take as many photos as I thought, the weather was a bit dull and blustery though so it wasn't the best day for them.

A few plants were flowering by the stream, not too many but enough to add a splash of colour to a bit of a dark shady spot.

Marsh Marigold (Thanks Louise!)

The shapes of the trees are fascinating

On the other side of the motorway we saw our first Skylark of the year, it rose up over us singing loudly. Though we didn't see much else here, i'll keep doing the detour through the year to see what else it brings. 

We did see lots of blossom!

Back in the woods we walked right down to the bottom of the Pit Hill Fields where they join Churwell New Village, the stream runs alongside the field mostly hidden but opens out at the bottom, a Kingfisher and Mallards have been seen here recently but not while we where there! 

We walked a different way round the field back towards the woods, another (or the same) Skylark was now over the field rising and falling and singing, the song was the soundtrack to a big chunk of our walk! 

Lots of the trees were covered in this bright yellow lichen

View from the top of the Pit Hills, the stream runs through the trees, you can just see the M621 past the trees and the green field is where we first saw a Skylark

A few weeks back the Highways Agency started planting trees at the side of the motorway near the woods and the tunnel that leads under the motorway. The Churwell Environmental Volunteers who look after the area have been asking for this for some years so were very pleased to find out they are planting about 400 trees - Silver Birch, Oak, Holly, Hawthorn and bird friendly shrubs. 

The spot shown in the second photo already has a few small trees and we had a very close encounter with a Goldcrest there earlier in the week.

The ponds and parts of the streams were full of frog spawn, we didn't see any actual frogs though.

Lots of shoots are coming up in the water now too

The bird hide area is proving very popular with people and birds! We saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker, lots of Blue/Great Tits, Chaffinch, Blackbird, Magpie and Dunnock.

A good mornings walk and I added a Skylark to this years patch list. 


  1. I have seldom heard the song of the Skylark, primarily because I have not been in its habitat at the right time of the year, but it is truly wonderful and I am sure you were very happy to hear it. I envy you all the blossom; we are still a few weeks away.

    1. It's a lovely sound and as my work is not too far from these woods one i'm hearing a little more often at the moment. It'll be a welcome sign of spring for you!

  2. It looks a lovely walk and it must have been wonderful to hear the Skylark. I haven't seen any frogspawn yet this year but the frogs have started moving around in the garden pond. Good news about the trees :)

    1. Fingers crossed for frog spawn in your pond! There is something so lovely about the Skylark song!

  3. I think the lesser celandine in the first picture is marsh marigold?
    Lovely capture of the goldcrest - they move so fast!

    1. Thanks Louise and yes you're right about the flower, the daft thing is I have one in my own pond, I should have realised!

  4. What a lovely walk. Good to see the frogspawn. We used to get loads in our pond but not for the last couple of years. Lovely bird photos especially of the goldcrest:)

    1. Thanks Rosie, what a shame about your pond, hopefully the frogs will make a come back!