Monday, 25 May 2009

Garden Birds

The sun has finally come out the past couple of days. It's been fantastic to have the patio doors open and listen to all the bird song especially as we eat our breakfast when its at its best. My photos don't do justice to just how beautiful it is, it makes me feel very lazy as I feel I could just sit there all day!

We have also seen our Starling fledglings now, there are two from the nest in the eaves and they have become regulars in the garden. They are just as noisy as the rest of the Starlings and certainly as greedy too.

I even managed to get a shot of one of them whilst out in the garden. The Starlings don't seem to bother too much that you are only a few feet away from them.

Our friendly Blue Tit is the best, it has a speckled head and has been around for a while now. I think it is feeding young nearby as it flies in and out of the garden almost non stop carrying off food. It is having a good go at eating a fat ball single handedly (or beakedly!?). We have been in the garden a bit with it being so nice and it doesn't bother in the slightest, it even sat on the washing line this morning as I hung out the washing.

Not the greatest of photos but best I can do. The House Sparrows and Dunnocks are still frequent visitors along with the Robin too.

The Swifts I saw on the street a couple of weeks back are now regularly flying about over the house and were great to watch against the back drop of a recent thunder storm . There are usually between 3 and 7 of them.

Yesterday ended with a gorgeous sunset (and today ended with rain, knew it wouldn't last!)


  1. Oooh I enjoyed that Pam! I enlarged the first photo and had a good 'nosey' around your garden!
    What a lot you have going on, I loved the mini greenhouse and I can see you have lots of plants coming on.

    I wish my birds would hang around when I'm in the garden, the slightest movement and they are off!

    Lovely sky photo!

  2. lol glad you enjoyed it. That was before we cut the lawn and swept up the blossom! It was pretty well established when we moved in a couple of years ago that's why I don't know what half the plants are!

  3. I love your garden, Pam! I also looked around, it's very charming. I have the little starlings causing a lot of noise out here too, the robin also brought her young in (2 of her young) & everyone is 'getting to know each other', it's fun to watch.