Wednesday, 13 May 2009

In the Garden

Well the garden is looking good at the moment and the birds are flocking in great abundance, I can barely keep up with the food!

We have had up to 8 House Sparrows, 12 Starlings, 4 each of the Woodpigeons and Collared Doves too. My garden is only small and its brilliant to watch so many birds at once. The Robin is still around along with a couple of Dunnocks. On Sunday the Coal Tit paid a visit and was hanging on the climbing Roses right outside the window and hung about till a Blue Tit chased both it and a Goldfinch out of the garden.

Earlier today there was a brief visit from a Greenfinch that sat on the washing line after trying some of the sunflower seeds. There are also 4 different Blackbirds that visit including one that is missing its tail feathers and just has a curled one like a duck! One of the Magpies that visits looks like it has been in a bit of a fight. It's wing feathers are a bit skewiff!

We have planted two Buddleia bushes, one each in the front and back gardens so hoping for good results with the Butterflies. In addition I've sown quite a few 'Butterfly attracting flowers', well that's what it says on the packets anyway so fingers crossed we at least get a few flowers from those. I've planted radish, salad onions, pumpkins and tomatoes in a mini greenhouse that has fit nicely next to the shed. Also half a dozen different herbs. I have sown seeds for Cornflowers, Lavender, Lobelia and Larkspur too. Hopefully I should have some beautiful flowers and some tasty herbs in a few weeks.

For now here is what is flowering at the moment, first up the Laburnum

Poppies by the bins!


Not sure what these ones are but they are all over the garden


  1. My goodness Pam, you have got a lot going on in your garden at the moment! I know what you mean about how much the birds eat, I have to buy seed in bulk now and every time I get some large sacks I think they will last for ages and before I know it I have to order more. Of course the breeding season is a hungry time!

    Your flowers all look lovely, that is a beautiful big Laburnum tree you have there (don't forget the seed pods which follow are poisonous, so be careful with your little girl!). What a good idea with the mini greenhouse, I wonder where I could put one!

    You are making me feel guilty now, I too bought some seeds which are especially to attract butterflies, bees etc. and I still haven't put them in yet! :-(

    Your lovely 'mystery' flowers are Aquilegia or Columbine as they are often called.

    A lovely post and photos.

  2. That's great for the flower ID, thank you. There is quite a few things in the garden that I can't identify! Yes I knew about the Laburnam, my Mum wants me to cut it down but so far I hope i've taught my little one well about things in the garden and she isn't out in it on her own yet anyway :-)Its such a beautiful tree and home to the bird box too.

    I've only had chance to plant all my seeds and such since my daughter started nursery as I get a couple of hours on my own on my day off!