Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Garden is starting to Bloom!

It's been a quiet few days for me, with the constant rain we haven't had the chance to go anyway not even to the local park, didn't think it was fair to get the little one soaked through on the chance I might see some Long Tailed Tits or Song Thrushes!

The garden birds have been great to watch though. We have finally had some fledging House Sparrows and Dunnocks too. One of the House Sparrows has a twisted leg but he seems to be managing ok. The Blue Tit has barely been out of the garden today, even chased a Collared Dove off a one point!

The picture above is taken at the entrance to a park near home, which I managed to snap in between rain showers today. It looks very meadowy and quite beautiful right now. The park is a play park though and not at all picturesque inside!

We have new flowers appearing in the garden and the poppies have spread themselves all around the bins and are a gorgeous orange colour. The radish and Pumpkins are doing brilliantly too. The rain has done wonders!

We will be visiting Gallows Hill Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Otley on Saturday (rain or no rain!) so i'm hoping for one or two life ticks there after some helpful posts on Bird Forum .


  1. The weather really has been a pain this last week or so, although as you say it has certainly made the plants grow, and the weeds of course! ;-(

    Some of those play parks are not very pretty are they but at least yours has an attractive approach.

    I spotted a Dunnock being chased by begging babies in the garden yesterday and tried to get a photo only to find my memory card was full due to all the photos I had taken of Starlings and their young!

    The photos of your blooms are lovely, so colourful.

    Have a great (and hopefully rain free) weekend at the Nature Reserve. :-)

  2. The rain finally let up Friday but it's forecast again tomorrow! We've had a good weekend though and will blog more on the garden and birds tomorrow!