Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Garden Life

The birds have been a bit hit and miss over the past few days. I ran out of food towards the end of last week and they had to wait a couple of days before I could stock up and I think they were sulking with me!!

Slowly though the garden has been getting busier. The Goldfinch are always around though I haven't seen any young since last week. One of the Dunnocks has taken to eating sunflower hearts out of the feeder, first time i've ever seen one do that! There have been a couple of Blue Tits about often too.

The Starlings are back in full force devouring the fat balls I put up. I threw out some old bread on the lawn and within about thirty seconds a flock of about 20 flew in along with half a dozen House Sparrows too, my garden is only small and it looked like a scene from The Birds!

I managed to get a couple of blurred shots through the window but most of them flew off before I could get the camera.

Can you see the Blackbird cowering in the corner of this one - there were Starlings fighting over the fat balls right above his head!


  1. My goodness I can see what you mean about a scene from the birds! The Starlings in particular really seem to invade the garden don't they?

    You are really lucky having a Dunnock on your feeder I have never seen one on mine ever, only on the ground and very occasionally on the bird table.

    Erm! This is a bit embarrassing! But I hope I haven't offended you in any way, only I noticed you have disappeared from my followers :(

    Hope you are feeling stronger now after the op :)

  2. Oh no did I? You didn't I did mess about with it the other day trying to redo the layout maybe I did something??? I'll have a look and refollow!!

    Feeling much better though unfortunately got an infection in my stitches!

    The Dunnock's on the feeder is a little odd, they usually just stay on the floor or the shed roof here. Will have to be stocking up on the sunflower hearts :-)

  3. Glad to hear the op went okay!