Wednesday, 15 July 2009


The Californian Poppies we got from my parents are still throwing out the most gorgeous flowers. One at a time and there are still plenty more buds too.

Otherwise it's been quiet here. We're saving ourselves for our hols to London next week. Managing to squeeze in a trip to the RSPB HQ at Sandy on the way too - very excited about this! I've been a member of the RSPB since I was a child and always remember this address on the magazines I received. Seemed like a million miles away then. Just hope that the rest of the family enjoy it too! Will have lots to post next week I hope.


  1. Beautiful flowers Pam. I love the top one so unusual. I hope the infection is all clear now and that you enjoy your holiday. I would love to go to Sandy, like you I have been a member for years, it is just that little bit too far for a day trip for us as it would mean leaving Louis too long but maybe one day.

  2. Feeling good now ty! Never thought i'd get to go either but when hubby suggested finding somewhere to stop on the way there I didn't need asking twice!!