Friday, 21 August 2009

Garden Update

My garden has had a fairly quiet time the past month or so until the past few days. Then birds have been flocking back! We had up to 15 House Sparrows at one point yesterday and 4 Blackbirds. The Collared Doves have still been regular visitors throughout with 3 or 4 visiting at a time.

The Dunnocks and Blue Tits are eating a lot of sunflower hearts and seed from the feeder. The Blue Tits have visited every day even when there hasn't been another bird in sight! A couple of Starlings came in for some bread and there have been a couple of visits from a Great Tit.

A couple of very noisy Herring Gulls keep flying about overhead and we have watched a bat flying about over the road at the front of the house.

Yesterday we had another visitor - a Squirrel - I know not everyone is a fan but I love to watch them. The cats chased it off twice but it was soon back and the cats gave up and just sat and watched it! It was on the feeder when we went out and an hour and a half later it was still there. I guess it was hungry.


  1. Nice to catch up with what is happening in your garden Pam. HLH said he saw a Squirrel in our garden early one morning recently in one of the trees that holds the bird feeders. Although a lot of people we know here have seen them in their gardens this is the first sighting we have had, knowing how they raid bird feeders I'm not sure whether to be pleased or not!

    You are very lucky to have seen a bat, we used to see them regularly at dusk and they used to inhabit our loft but sadly I haven't seen one for years.

  2. The squirrel has become a daliy visitor at the moment and only take a few nuts so far! That may change of course with the weather.

    The bats are appearing every evening too, I can sit and watch them out the living room window which is quite nice.