Monday, 3 August 2009


There were many Gulls about of course, most of them being very friendly Herring Gulls. There were many juveniles, which I think were all Herring Gulls too.

We took a boat trip along the coast and managed to see a seal in the distance. A lone Gannet was flying about overhead and there were other gulls that I couldn't quite make out.

On the water we spotted several Guillemots, each time it was an adult with a youngster. Something I have never seen before and after not making it back to Bempton didn't think I would until maybe next year.

Didn't get close enough to get a decent close up, they dove under the water when the boat got near by. You can just about see them on the pic below - honestly!

Finish off with a couple of shots of the sea, which I paddled in for the first time in years by the way.


  1. Lovely Pam, it looked like a great day out and I enjoyed all the photos on this and the previous post, glad you enjoyed a paddle, I haven't done that for years either but I bet you were a little girl again for a while there!

  2. It was a great day, we all loved paddling in the sea - first time for my daughter. We even saw little fish around our feet - very cool!