Monday, 3 August 2009

Scarborough - Peasholm Park

We had a trip to Scarborough on Sunday, picked the best day, the weather was great. We started off in Peasholm Park in the North Bay. A great place especially if you get there early while it's still quiet. The squirrels here are tame enough to eat out of your - if you like that sort of thing - we didn't feed them this visit though we saw a few about.

There are plenty of birds on the lake including Canada Geese, Grey Lag Geese, Moorhens, Mallards including a few hybrids, Mute Swans, Black Swans and a few which I think are non UK birds. I couldn't find any signs to say what they were so if anyone has any ideas.

This little chap followed us up the path quacking all the way, he made quite a lot of noise and made me feel bad we didn't bring any food!

This one i'm not sure of, it did a lot of diving under water, reminding me of a Grebe, it had a youngster with it too. Not a great photo though.

Another view

The ever present Canada Geese


The colouring on these birds was just gorgeous, no idea what they are though.

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