Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Quick Update

Well we are still plagued with illnesses here unfortunately. My stepson had a nasty cold and my little one has had ear infections and throat infections, finally she is on the mend and we are all fairly healthy - fingers crossed!

So I am determined to get us out for some fresh air at the weekend, even if it's just to the local park!

I had a very entertaining trip into work today watching the many squirrels in the gardens. Including one that was 'playing' with a Magpie. I've often seen them chasing each other but this pair actually seemed to be quite enjoying antagonising each other. Lot's of fun to watch and a shame more people on the bus don't notice what is going on right under their noses!

Hopefully I'll have something of substance to post over the weekend.


  1. Hope you're all in better fettle Pam.
    I had a nature bus moment last weekend on my way up to Goldenacre when I spotted a Red Kite from the top deck as we passed Lawnswood cemetery. I was so tempted to tell everybody around me but in the end thought better of it. Linda

  2. lol Linda, it's frustrating when you see something like that isn't it, I can't believe more people don't spot these things!

  3. Hope things continue to improve health-wise for you and yours Pam. How funny that you should mention about the other people on the bus, when we had our latest visit to Draycote I said to HLH "how can all these people just pass by and take no notice at all of the wildlife around them". There were lots of joggers and cyclists and they just looked straight ahead and noticed nothing, it seemed such a waste of a visit!

    I too would have enjoyed seeing the Magpie and the Squirrel :)