Sunday, 18 October 2009

A walk in the park

Finally got out for a short walk at the weekend, it felt good to be out despite the cold! It was only to the local park and we weren't out long but I love being out in the autumn. The colours of the leaves are beautiful and there are so many different ones as the leaves change and fall.

My little one is trying to catch the leaves as it was windy and quite a few were falling. She missed them all!

It was pretty deserted too, we saw a few Blackbirds and that was it, not a squirrel in sight or even a Blue Tit, which are usually quite common around here.

Leaf carpets!


  1. The leaf colours are beautiful and you have captured them well. That is a lovely photo of your little one Pam, I enlarged it and my husband who is sat by me said 'that is a potential prizewinner'!

  2. aw, thanks for that comment, she loves running about at this park, it's our favourite place to walk to!

  3. What a great display of fall foliage! It looks like a wonderful place to take a stroll!