Friday, 2 October 2009


Due to a nasty cold which has pretty much wiped me out the past week or so we haven't really been out anywhere apart from work! The commute to work takes me into Headingley where there are lots of very big gardens I can see right into from the bus! The squirrels have been out everywhere I look foraging in the leaves. I even spotted a Jay on one lawn pecking at something in the leaves. I had a great view of it, the best one i've ever had - they are usually flying away from me. There are lots of Wood Pigeons and Crows too.

Going through Woodhouse Moor there are often large flocks of Herring Gulls, Magpies (i've counted up to 30 Magpies at times) and Thrush. Unfortunately I can't tell what type of Thrush they are as I fly past but they are always around over the autumn and winter months so it may be worth a stop there one weekend. Might even spot the elusive Redwing, which everyone apart me seems to see on a regular basis!

It's darker in a morning too these days so the birds are barely awake before I leave for work. The first birds at the feeder are the Robin and Dunnocks. Yesterday was my day off and the garden was quite busy most of the day. There were Goldfinch, Blue Tits, Collared Doves, House Sparrows, Starlings and a Coal Tit. The Coal Tit is not a regular visitor and it hung around for an hour or so and was very nice to watch.

Hopefully we'll get out somewhere over the weekend and see what changes Autumn is bringing.


  1. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather Pam, there are colds around in our family too :(

    My garden is a little quieter at the moment due to the Sparrowhawk being around. I have a whole list of birds that everyone else seems to see regularly which I never do and the Redwing is just one of them! You have beaten me with the Jay, I haven't seen one for some years.

  2. Hope you're on the mend Pam, you can't beat the bus when it comes to nosying in on other people's gardens can you. Ive seen a Jay in Headingley now and again, occassionally in Beckett Park & in the woodland around the University Campus. I'll keep my eyes peeled for those Redwing. The nearest Ive seen them are on the green around Kirkstall Abbey. Linda

  3. ShySongbird, it's funny isn't it how the 'common' birds seems to elude you! I've only seen 4 Jays in my life so this was great to see.

    Linda, buses are great for that :-) The gardens around Headingley are very good for spotting the wildlife.

    Still have the cold, just doesn't want to go away but I don't feel as bad as a did thank goodness!