Monday, 11 April 2016

In the Garden

The garden hasn't been a hotbed of activity recently, the two Blue Tits and a Robin are still a constant on the feeder. There are around a dozen or so House Sparrows that seem to have taken up residence in the trees at the top of the garden and we're getting a lot in the garden at the front too, they love the birdbath and spend a fair bit of time in the hedge and in the the buddleia that's right outside the window.

I had to defrost the birdbath Sunday morning 

They are picking up nesting materials as they usually do, the front garden seems to be a favourite for that every year, I think though they nest in the trees at the end of our little row of houses.There looks to be a pair of Woodpigeon settling into to one of the trees there too.

I did hear a Chiffchaff a little further down the road on Saturday but none in the garden so far, it's good to know they are around though.

This is the tree that comes over from the neigbours garden, it's right by our feeder and the birds use it regularly to hop across. It's in gorgeous full flower at the moment, i'm not sure what it is but the Blue Tits love it and spend a long time picking at it.


  1. Hi Pam, the frost here was a bit of a shock too, I have some straw out in a old whisk for the birds, the blue tits have been taking advantage of it. And we have Sparrows nesting in the roof. Getting up at 5.30 for work to bird song kinda makes it worthwhile !
    The tree or Bush is Flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum), they come in pale pink as well. Good for bees to. We had one at the side of the house when I was a kid and as they have been looking lovely round here I am going to get one for the garden. Trouble is they don't smell very nice, a bit like cat pee !!!
    Amanda xx

  2. Thanks Amanda, yes it gets full of bees at times! Luckily i've never noticed a smell, it's just far enough away for that not to be an issue! We get Starlings nesting in the roof, I noticed they've been pulling clumps of moss out of the guttering the past couple of days, it's all over the patio now! xx

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