Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Round and about

Just a few notes from the past month around the garden and local parks.

We've had an influx of Long Tailed Tits recently up to 11 flitting around the garden a couple of times a day, you can hear them calling long before they appear.

A couple of Blue and Great Tits visit the feeder regularly and a Robin has started making an appearance again. A caught a couple of Warblers in the trees on two separate occasions Chiffchaff for one and possibly Willow for the other but I didn't get great views. The Magpie family I noticed earlier in the year are all still around I hear them in the trees and they spend a lot of time in the disused factory across the road.

A spider took over the bug house for a while.

Walking in the park about a month ago it was already looking a little autumnal.

We got caught in a rain shower there and saw Bees and a Pellucid Hoverfly, quite lovely.

A couple of visits to the urban woodlands near the end of August before work and I was surrounded by birds in large numbers, Blue & Great Tits, Warblers, Blackbirds, Bullfinch, Woodpigeons, Robins and a rat along the path. It was a lovely moment and certainly a great way to start the day.

There have been a few moths around.

Including this one in the bathroom at work (for which I was mocked mercilessly when I headed in there with my camera, however everyone did concede it was pretty!).

The garden is filled with cobwebs and sun catches them beautifully.

I even managed a little birding at the West Indian Carnival watching a Buzzard of all things above the trees in Potternewton park. The BBQ smoke looked quite stunning in the sunlight.

Up until Sunday there were still a lot of Speckled Woods in the garden, the most we've ever had this year......

....and a couple of weeks ago the first ever Painted Lady i've seen in the garden was sat right outside the front door .

Then this morning leaving for work a charm of around 30 Goldfinch flew overhead, I don't think i'll ever tire of hearing them.


  1. I adore your photo of sunbeams through the trees :) It is always so lovely to see Long-tailed tits visiting the garden and feeders :) It's been a better year here for garden Speckled Wood and Holly Blues have done well. Saw my first Painted Lady of the year on garden buddleia recently and are getting daily visits from a Red Admiral :)

  2. Thanks, it looked so lovely with the smoke! I love them, they are one of my favourite bird. Oh I haven't had a Red Admiral in a while, though my buddleia flowered quite early this year and the flowers have been gone a while. The Speckled Woods love to bask in the sun on the conifer trees.

  3. A lovely collection of photos - you captured the rain shower and the cobweb beautifully! I tried to take a similar photo of a cobweb last weekend but I just could not get the camera to capture the colours my eyes could see!

    1. Thanks Louise :) I have around a dozen photos that didn't work of the cobweb!!