Sunday, 19 February 2017

Churwell Urban Woodlands

Making the most of the good weather we took a walk around the woodlands including going over (and under) the motorway to make it a round trip and a good couple of hours walking even if we did end up doubling back on ourselves!

A frog was in the pond area and we saw a rat by the edge of it.

Unfortunately a shadow sat right across the frog which somehow I didn't notice at the time!

There was plenty of birds about, Woodpigeon, Dunnock, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Chaffinch, Great/Blue/LT Tits, Wren, Goldcrest, Song Thrush, Goldfinch, Starlings, Magpie - we saw a couple building a nest, Robins and overhead 7 Pink Footed Geese, Gulls and a Kestrel (unfortunately the latter 3 were just off the patch so I couldn't add anything to my list for that!).

My daughter pointed out that Robins look like they've dipped themselves into a bowl of tomato soup!

A lovely moment spotting this squirrel taking a drink.

Throughout the walk we spotted quite a bit of fungus, some lovely ones too. 

Lots of signs of spring around too, there were Snowdrops all over.

It's a joy to have somewhere like this to walk around so close to home and it's really well looked after by the volunteers, not a bit of litter in sight, which is a rare thing!  

This is the view from walk at the other side of the M621, which for the most part you don't notice and you can almost forget that you're this close to Leeds.


  1. Lots to see there and some lovely signs of spring. It's great to hear that it's well looked after and litter free. The tomato soup comment made me chuckle!

    1. It really is a lovely place. Me too and now it's all i'll be able to think of every time I see one!

  2. Looks a lovely walk and really great to have somewhere good for wildlife so close to home. It sounds as though frogspawn may be appearing soon:) Good to see the Spring flowers and I loved the comment about the robin's breast colour :)

    1. I love it and love that I discovered there's further to walk than I thought too. She's not wrong about the Robin :)