Friday, 24 February 2017

Around the Patch

Things are a little quiet around the patch at the moment, i've only managed to add a couple of birds to the list.

The garden has been quite deserted during the day but one of the birds I added to the list was a Sparrowhawk flying over the house so that may be partly to blame. There is often one around but it's the first time i've seen it since last year. The birds are about mostly early morning and late afternoon but there always seems to be Starlings flitting from tree to tree.

There are a lot of Sparrows roosting in the trees behind the gardens and they hop up just after the sun rises most mornings.

I had to trim back the Buddleia finally due to the winds this week, a shame as the birds loved to sit in it in the back garden. Luckily I didn't have to take too much off the one by the front window, it proves popular with the Sparrows and it's great for those visiting the window feeder.

We have big plans for the garden this year to make it more wildlife friendly and i'm looking forward to starting (well instructing my husband as my back won't be up to any digging and such for a while yet!).

A walk in the park a few days ago produced plenty of birds and birdsong, which is increasing by the day. There are still quite a few Redwings about still and as I was scanning them to make sure I wasn't missing any Fieldfare (I wasn't) a lady stopped to ask what I was looking at. This rarely happens and it was nice to chat and be able to point out a few birds.

I'm back at work part time for now and i'm managing to walk through one of the local parks on the way there most mornings. It's a good way to start the day!


  1. Pleased your back is getting better, and plans for the garden sound exciting, I've not done much bird watching ( other commitments) but did notice we to still have Redwing at the park. And have spotted many birds with nesting material.
    It's nice when someone notices you watching wildlife, as many don't even look up !
    Amanda xx

  2. Thanks :) There's been a pair of Magpies nest building in the park from the beginning of the year, not sure if it's going anywhere though! It's a shame more people don't take the time, they miss so much! x

  3. The garden plans sound exciting and no doubt the local wildlife will appreciate your efforts.

    It has been pretty quiet over here on my patch of the East Riding as well in recent weeks, though interestingly I have seen very few Redwings lately but plenty of Fieldfares. However spring is almost here, at least judging by all the singing birds and early flowers, so things are definitely looking more promising :-)

  4. I hope they will :)

    I've only seen two Fieldfares this winter, but more Redwings than usual. Things are definitely promising when you can listen to a myriad of birdsong every day! :)