Tuesday, 21 March 2017


I went to visit my parents on Saturday and took a walk around Parkinson's Field, somewhere I spent a lot of time as a child. It's changed a little now and is looked after by Friends of Parkinson's Park. It's great to see on their website that they're getting children involved.

There was a few Lesser Celandine about on the walk up to the field. The path is well used by horses making it a bit uneven and quite muddy, something I wouldn't normally notice but my back was certainly feeling it!

The view is lovely especially as you can look beyond all the newly built houses to the moors in the distance.

It was windy and raining as we walked so we didn't hang around too long as it's a bit exposed in parts! Though I did stop to follow the sound of my first Chiffchaff of the year, it didn't stay still for long but I managed to see it finally in the trees and grabbed a not so great shot.

There are quite a few nest boxes around the field and there are plenty of birds too. Blue Tit, Robin, Blackbird, Crow, Woodpigeon, Great Tit, Magpie and Long-tailed Tit.

I spotted this snail shell on the wall by the field entrance, thinking it was an unusual colour, when I checked it was only part of a shell and the light made it translucent (also the end kind of looks like a Dolphin........)

It was good to see lots of new growth, spring is well on it's way!

A  last couple of shots from the walk.


  1. It looks a lovely walk and the views are gorgeous :) It is good to see so many signs of Spring appearing.

  2. It is lovely and i'm pleased it's well looked after!