Monday, 6 March 2017


A visit to Scarborough for some family time and a hopeful glimpse of the Great Northern Diver hanging around in the harbour proved to be a fantastic day for both of these reasons and more!

Parking by Peasholm Park we had a walk through and were mobbed by Squirrels and Pigeons as usual. There were Mallards, Canada Geese, Tufted Ducks, Cormorants and many Gulls around the park.

It was dull and a foggy at first with a little rain. There was still a fair few people on the beach in the North Bay though, mostly dog walkers. We did see a Mute Swan out on the sea, not something you see very often!

We decided to walk along the front instead on jumping on the bus to the harbour. Good job we did! There were a couple of Purple Sandpipers and Oystercatchers on the rocks. Then further round a movement caught my eye out the large rocks, a small brown bird, I followed it back the direction we'd come so I could get a good look - a female Black Redstart. A new bird for me and although it didn't stay still for too long I managed to watch it for some time.

Moving on and I spotted Fulmar's on the cliffs, stopping to check out some gulls on the water and spotted another movement - a fin! Much excitement from all at spotting a Porpoise, it was quite far out but we watched it swim right across the bay. Speaking to a gentleman nearby we pointed it out and he pointed out a Peregrine Falcon i'd missed on the cliffs - too busy looking at the Gulls! We had a chat about the birds in the harbour and beyond.

So on to the harbour, the Great Northern Diver was easy enough to find swimming in and out of the boats and eating many crabs!

Unfortunately there was also a dead Gannet floating about in the water. The water was covered in some kind of oil and the smell of it was quite strong in some places.

Walking around the lighthouse I spotted a couple of birds on some steps - Shags, first time i've seen them and been able to confirm 100% that it's a Shag and not a Cormorant! I've never seen them so close before and they were happy to pose. What beautiful birds they are.

We spotted a small bird in the water across the harbour but couldn't quite make out what it was. Making our way over we could see it was a Black Necked Grebe.

Of course you can't visit the seaside and not be mobbed by gulls....

...or Turnstones

There were Sparrows all over the pots by the harbour

And Dunnocks in trees

Walking back around to the North Bay late afternoon and the Peregrine was still on the cliffs. The sun had come out and it turned out to be a really nice day.

A bird followed my daughter up off the beach - a Pipit - much deliberation over what sort and then some help on the ID - a Rock Pipit.

Great end to a quite lovely day.


  1. Great post Pam, you got to see a great selection of birds, as well as having a nice day with the family.
    Amanda x

    1. Thank you :) it was good to get out! x

  2. It was well worth heading out - what a great collection of birds you found!

  3. A lovely post and a great day out. Wonderful sightings and good news on the new "ticks" :)

    1. Thanks :) It's always good picking up a few new birds!

  4. The Redstart was quite a find Pam.

    1. Thanks Roy, it was a nice surprise, especially as I missed a local one earlier this year!

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