Thursday, 21 December 2017

Out and About

On Saturday we were in York doing a little Christmas browsing, at dusk we were by the Christmas Market in the centre as Pied Wagtails started flying in to roost, it was an amazing sight, there were maybe a couple of hundred in the end with a few stragglers coming in as we walked about. A Sparrowhawk flew through them as they came in scaring a flock out of the trees, it didn't catch anything and soared off round the buildings. 

I caught this Wagtail in a car park in Morley, there have been a few in the town centre the past couple of weeks

In the Scatcherd Park I noticed, on the way to work, the Redwings arrived at the end of last week, I had a little time to walk around with the camera on Monday morning, however they are very flighty and are off at the first sign of people!

This Crow though was not in the least bit bothered!

There are Blackbirds everywhere, the one in the second photo had just swallowed a huge worm.


Blue Tit

The only decent shots I manged to get of the Redwings,

The park was beautiful in the sun though in parts it was still quite frosty.

A little closer to home I spotted this Mistle Thrush taking a drink from a dripping pipe!

There were a few Chaffinch nearby too. 

I'm going to miss my commute to work over the holidays!


  1. Lovely photos and a super route to commute to work - no wonder you will miss it! The Pied Wagtails must have been an impressive sight - I used to see a couple of dozen roosting at a local shopping park but hundreds..............

    1. Thanks :) (i'm so pleased my work made the decision to move to my town!). They really were, i've never seen so many, we watched them quite a while.

  2. WOW!! What an amazing flock shot! I have been following a lady from FL's Big Year (the Dancing Birder) and she traveled thousands of miles to see a Mistle Thrush..and there is one like right there on your path. How awesome is that?
    Hope you have a relaxing holiday away from work!!

    1. Thanks :) Yes I follow her on Twitter and i'd seen about the Mistle Thrush too. It's almost difficult to comprehend the excitement for it when I see them most days :) an amazing record though! Thank you :)

  3. Great series of pictures. I would have really enjoyed the flock of wagtails - I always regret that we don't have them here.

    1. Thanks David, I didn't know you didn't have Wagtails in Canada!