Saturday, 8 May 2010

At the Park

I took the camera out to the local park to try out some of the settings and get used to it a little more.
There were a few birds about and a squirrel made me jump running right across in front of me. I spent an hour there and my hands were numb from the cold wind but I got a few good shots.

The park was full of Blackbirds, this one posing on a memorial plaque for Princess Diana, which i've never noticed before.
This Song (I think) Thrush was singing almost the whole time I was in the park. No doubt someone will tell me now it's a Mistle though it sounded very nice!

A Chaffinch sat right on the end of this branch, a group of dog walkers walked past and it didn't seem bothered at all.


  1. Nice pics of the Thrush Pam, I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to identifying them but I reckon the first two are a Mistle Thrush and second two a Song Thrush.

  2. That's what I had them down as too :-) I thought I was ok but just recently I look in my guide book then at my photos and I struggle!!

  3. Hi Pam, I too think the first two look like Mistle Thrush and the others Song Thrush but it would be a lot easier if they stood side by side :)

    Well! I am so cross about missing your great day out to Bempton and Wheldrake! For the last two weeks or more I have had intermittent problems getting onto some blogs and then when I do it won't allow me to leave a comment! I have no idea why it is, my ISP say there are no problems so I can only assume it is blogger.

    Anyway, I wanted to say many belated congratulations on your blogaversary and I look forward to following the next twelve months :)

    Bempton sounds (and looks) like a wonderful place to visit and you are so lucky to have seen Puffins! Since I was a little girl I have longed to see them but have never been anywhere where it is possible. You saw so many goodies that day and got some great photos, the Gannet colony looked very impressive and I envy your sighting of the Linnets too, I have never seen one.

    A lovely day out and rounded off with a visit to Wheldrake as well, I should think you all slept well that night, not least your little one, a great adventure for her :)

  4. Hi again :) With all my excitement over Bempton I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the photos on this post especially the Thrush with the nesting material, the Chaffinch and the blossom...lovely results from your new camera.

  5. Thank you for your comments,:-) I hope you're blog problems are sorted out now, it must have been very annoying! It's a shame the Puffins are to be found if so few places, they are quite something. In fact a seabird colony in general is just impressive so if you ever get the chance...
    I was pleased to get the photos in the park, really enjoying this camera.